Challenge Family will welcome Alistair Brownlee on April 22, 2017 in the pro line-up of the second Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria 70.3 race, marking his new involvement in competitive long-distance triathlon.

Challenge Family is delighted to announce that double Olympic and two-time ITU Triathlon World Series champion Alistair Brownlee has chosen this year’s Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria to launch his long-distance triathlon career.

Taking place on April 22, 2017- one day before his 29th birthday - the 70.3-mile race will provide Alistair’s first opportunity since claiming double Olympic glory to compete in a longer and more enduring race programme. The announcement that the current Olympic triathlon champion will join the line-up comes after the Yorkshireman first hinted at the end of last year that he will gear his training towards other goals outside of the Olympics.

Alistair BrownleeAlistair Brownlee
(Photo: Challenge Family; click to enlarge)

“We are thrilled that Alistair Brownlee has decided to choose a Challenge Family race to debut his long-distance triathlon career,” said Zibi Szlufcik, Challenge Family CEO. “Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria is a testing and diverse course with steep mountains that climb above a rugged coastline. The bike course in particular is unique, varied and technical, which will suit Alistair.”

Commenting on future race plans, Alistair said: “I’m delighted to be racing my first middle distance triathlon race at Gloria Challenge Gran Canaria on 22nd April. I’ve made no secret that I am going to spend the next couple of years racing some different distances and I’m really looking forward to the process of preparing for some longer distance races and of course, competing at them. I can’t think of a better place for my first one.”

The celebrated Olympian’s participation will provide excitement both for fellow competitors and spectators lining the course. The 28-year-old, who last year famously became the first ever triathlete to retain an Olympic title, will use Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria as his first foray into long-distance triathlon racing and will compete in other long-distance triathlon events.

Race director of Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria, Jordi González, said: “Last year was a dream come true for me when, after 25 years of being involved in the sport, I was asked to organise the international triathlon event with Challenge Family in Gran Canaria, where I was born. Now with Alistair Brownlee among those who are confirmed to race this year’s Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria, the dream has evolved and it’s an honour to welcome the legendary triathlete to Mogán.”

At a distance of more than double that of an Olympic triathlon, Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria 70.3 is the first Challenge race in the European season. Exceptionally beautiful with dramatic terrain, bathed in a subtropical climate, Mogán in Gran Canaria should provide perfect conditions for Alistair’s first major long-distance triathlon.

The Mayoress of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, commented: “In addition to the excellent climate we have, Mogán has all the necessary ingredients for the practice of triathlon throughout the year with excellent roads, spectacular landscapes and an enviable temperature of 22 degrees celsius all year round. All of this will be enjoyed by the athletes who participate in the Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria.”

The Sports Councillor of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Ángel Victor Torres, commented that Gran Canaria has already been recognised as the European Sports Island. He said in a statement: “There are many international sporting events that take place in Gran Canaria in unmatched scenery. Our climate, our landscape, our ability to organise effectively, and of course our love for sport make events on the island, such as Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria, what they are today, attracting numerous world-renowned sportsmen and women.”

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