Drury-based running coach James Kuegler demonstrated the form he works to instil in his students last Saturday, by winning the 26km Captain Cook’s Landing race over the Queen Charlotte Track near Nelson.

The 28 year old runner won in a time of 2:02:39, four and a half minutes ahead of his nearest rival. James is a qualified chiropractor as well as athlete and coach. His practice James Kuegler Coaching specialises in training people to enjoy a lifetime of running.

James said: “I ran the Gold Coast Marathon two weeks ago, so I wasn't sure how my legs would hold together. I had some company near the start, but then I was on my own. I had to keep in mind that it was a staggered start though, so it was possible some fast runners had started in an earlier wave than me.”

“It is fantastic to have the opportunity to explore, admire, and race on routes like the Queen Charlotte Track. Underfoot the track is a combination of mud, tree roots, clay and gravel, so you certainly have to be conscious of where you put your feet. The Tui song, the fronds of the Rimu and distracting vistas of the Marlborough sounds certainly take the edge off the strain.

“My fiancé Anna Murphy also ran. In January we are getting married at Furneaux Lodge, which is the halfway point. It was quite special to think about that as I ran past. I ran across a small bridge with a babbling stream, and all I could think about was was: ‘that'll be a cool spot for some wedding photos’!”

James is now set to take on the Melbourne Marathon on October 16 and then the 60km Kepler Challenge on December 3.