Conditions could not have been better for Race 5 of the State Beach Series on Takapuna Beach. The weather delivered mild temperatures, calm waters and a gentle westerly. Having placed in the previous four races, Jackson Cropp led the field home, finally securing his first title of the series winning the 1 km swim 16 seconds ahead of John Cosgrove. Steven Kent is the overall leader ahead of Cropp who sits in second place after five races.

The women's race is shaping up to be a thriller. Last year's defending champion Brenda Russell is facing weekly challenges from a strong field of younger swimmers. Last night Johanna O'Connor squeaked home first in the 1km swim, ahead of Kirsty Wannan and Brenda Russell. They were hotly pursued by up and coming Shore swimmer Claudia Brick, followed by World Triathlon U19 silver medalist Danielle McKenzie and Olympic triathlete Debbie Tanner. Kirsty Wannan is overall leader, with less than four points separating her from Brenda Russell and Johanna O'Conner.

Tara La Grange continued to dominate the women's 5km beach run. Former Olympian Sam Warriner led the first 2.5km leg of the race, but Le Grange position herself nicely in behind Warriner and pounced on the return second leg, edging her out by 14". Nick Sutherland led the men's field home 11 seconds ahead of Finn Mason.

In the absence of both Ferguson and Fouhy, Travis Mitchell notched up his second win of the series in the Surf Ski Paddle over a minute ahead of his nearest rival while Rachel Dodwell continued her dominance in the women's race.

Troy Houston won the men's 3km Stand Up Paddle while Stacey Smith was the fastest women on the night.

Race results are shown underneath the photo gallery.

Photos by Sam Mayhew.
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Results: State Beach Series, Race 5

Ocean Swim 1000/1500m – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 CROPP, Jackson 11m 00s 100.00
2 COSGROVE, John 11m 16s 98.37
3 WOHLFARTH, Axel 11m 31s 96.8

Ocean Swim 1000/1500m – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 O'CONNOR, Johanna 11m 31s 100.00
2 WANNAN, Kirsty 11m 31s 99.95
3 RUSSELL, Brenda 11m 35s 99.58

Beach Run 5km – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 SUTHERLAND, Nick 16m 55s 100.00
2 MASON, Finn 17m 06s 99.27
3 SELEZNEV, Kostya 17m 20s 98.32

Beach Run 5km – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 LA GRANGE, Tara 17m 47s 100.00
2 WARRINER, Samantha 18m 01s 99.08
3 BOONZAIER, Katja 19m 36s 93.11

Surf Ski Paddle 5km – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 MITCHELL, Travis 28m 41s 100.00
2 MCLARIN, Simon 28m 49s 99.68
3 STIELAU, Oskar 29m 06s 98.99

Surf Ski Paddle 5km – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 DODWELL, Rachael 32m 10s 100.00
2 SIMPSON, Dene 32m 11s 99.96
3 HILDEBRANDT, Katja 43m 10s 78.90

Stand-Up Paddle 3km – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 HUSTON, Troy 21m 40s 100.00
2 MCASEY, Troy 21m 56s 99.19
3 BARFOOT, Greg 22m 05s 98.69

Stand-Up Paddle 3km – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 SMITH, Stacey 25m 50s 100.00
2 LYTHE, Alana 28m 15s 93.71
3 SCHOFIELD, Georgina 29m 18s 91.13

Board Paddle 3km – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 BUTT, Stephen 26m 54s 100.00
2 WHITE, Max 28m 55s 94.94
3 VANDERPUTTEN, Harry 30m 17s 91.63

Board Paddle 3km – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 STEPHENSON, Vanessa 30m 59s 100.00
2 WILLIAMS, Lauren 32m 39s 96.33
3 WILLIAMS, Te Ohorere 34m 05s 93.32

Junior Beach Run 2.5km – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 HADDY, Josh 9m 33s 100.00
2 ELLIOT, Luke 10m 03s 96.39
3 SAXBY, Toby 10m 39s 92.32

Junior Beach Run 2.5km – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 LOUGHLIN, Eloise 9m 45s 100.00
2 HARDEN, Brieanna 10m 20s 95.94
3 ALEXANDER, Ruby 10m 25s 95.29

Junior Swim 300m – Male

Place Name Time Points
1 ELLIOT, Aidan 4m 21s 100.00
2 HARDEN, Joshua 4m 28s 97.98
3 MCPHEAT, Adam 4m 57s 90.84

Junior Swim 300m – Female

Place Name Time Points
1 CROPP, Jacey 3m 44s 100.00
2 BROOKE, Elle 4m 07s 93.26
3 WALKER, Emma 4m 13s 91.59